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Our Story

Easy, healthy, tasty pancakes for everyone

How the pancakes for body and soul came about

Vanessa Everett

Hello, I’m Vanessa.
It’s good to meet you. (((HUGS!)))

I’m the founder of AngelicMom, a business I started because I want to help others who face the same difficulties with food sensitivity as my daughter, Nora June.

In her first few years, Nora struggled both medically and behaviorally. She rarely slept, had chronic rashes, constipation, and ear infections, as well as constant tantrums. It brought me to my knees and I started my journey to help her – a journey that would involve many late nights researching, reading, lighting my candles, asking the Angels to help me, and shedding a tear or two.

After many years of doctors and hospital visits, we finally discovered that Nora was sensitive to gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, and food dyes. While it was devastating to find this out, it also gave me the answer I had been searching for.

I immediately cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and began experimenting with different foods. I became obsessed with finding a breakfast staple that was easy and healthy. I used only the most natural of ingredients and after a full year of research and development, I invented our healthy and tasty pancakes.

What started in a tiny frying pan today meets the needs of many different people. Some have children with food sensitivities and need fast, easy, and filling meals, others are weight lifters who use them as a clean source of energy before workouts, and still others eat them because they have sensitive stomachs or simply want a healthy comfort food.

Our original pancakes and chocolate chip minis are food for both the body and soul – built from my own intuition and spirituality. They are the authentic specialty pancake you can always feel good about eating. Shop Now and don’t forget our free shipping if you purchase at least four packages.

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It has been my joy to share these pancakes with so many of you.

Vanessa Everett

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